universal-ctags notes

2022-01-16 ยท 1 min read

    useful regex debugger: https://regex101.com/

    single line regex: --regex-<lang>=/<line-pattern>/<tag-name-pattern>/<kind>/[<flags>]

    useful flags: {exclusive}: don't run any other parsers on this line if the regex matches. useful for comments.

    multi-line regex: --mline-regex-<lang>=/<line-pattern>/<tag-name-pattern>/<kind>/[<mline-flags>]

    useful flags: {mgroup=N}: the capture group that decides where this tag is located (where you go when you go-to the tag). necessary for pretty much every mline regex AFAICT.

    useful character classes:

    [[:blank:]] == [ \t]

    [[:space:]] == \s == any whitespace character (incl. newline if multi-line)