pop_OS! tweaks

2022-12-11 ยท 1 min read

    UI gets slow and choppy #

    • restart gnome-shell: ALT-F2 > "r" > Enter

    Try also disabling ubuntu-appindicators extension: Super > Extensions > Ubuntu AppIndicators > Disable

    Graphics drivers stop working after apt upgrade / kernel update #

    The nvidia graphics drivers are likely too old for the new kernel version.

    For example, when I was upgrading to the new kernel (6.1.8 I think?), my older nvidia drivers (510) failed to build the nvidia/510 dkms kernel module for some inscrutable reason.

    You can procrastinate on fixing this for a bit, by setting the previous kernel version as the default boot kernel. Do this by rebooting while holding down SPACE. In the boot recovery menu, press d while highlighting the old kernel config to set as default. Then hit enter to boot into the previous, working configuration.

    To actually repair the issue, reboot up to the login screen. Trying to login will fail to a black screen; instead, hit ALT-F5 to enter a raw TTY.

    Then update to the latest nvidia drivers:

    $ sudo ubuntu-drivers install

    After rebooting, the issue was fixed for me.