moergo glove80

2023-08-28 ยท 3 min read

getting started #

  1. make sure both halves are charged
    • you can power on both sides and hit the "magic" key to see rgb battery level display
  2. hit power button on both halves
  3. plug in left half to device

update keymap/firmware #

  1. Go to latest layout on:
  2. At the bottom, hit "build firmware". This will build and then download the latest firmware version to a file like b7530b80-c12e-496f-b7bc-9e2857f705d4_v0.9.9_phlipkey-mk1.uf2
  3. Hit Magic + Esc (or whatever key is 3 up from the left) to enter bootloader mode. The left half should now show mount as a USB drive called GLV80LHBOOT.
  4. Copy the firmware .uf2 into the drive. You don't need to rename the file or anything. Just copy it over. The drive will automatically unmount and the keyboard will restart.
  5. Unplug the USB-C cable from the left and plug in to the right.
  6. Hit Magic + ' (or whatever key is 3 up from the right) to get the right half to enter bootloader mode. The right half will now mount as GLV80RHBOOT.
  7. Again, just copy the firmware .uf2 onto the drive. It will then auto reboot.
  8. Unplug the USB-C cable.

bluetooth pairing #

  1. hit Magic + <purple button> on the left thumb cluster to select an unused bluetooth profile slot.
  2. on the host, go to bluetooth settings and pair with Glove80 Left.

layout #

  • programming symbol & number layer
  • swap up/down to match vim jk
  • hold tab -> ALT TAB?

hard keys to press #

  • far keys on thumb cluster
  • anything on f-key row
  • left: +, 1, 4, 5 (fingers don't reach when others on home row)
  • right: 6, 7, 0, -
  • left: bottom left corner, right: bottom right corner

hard words #

  • people
  • increase
  • have
  • him
  • number
  • home
  • look
  • turn
  • between
  • around
  • symbol
  • anxious

keyboard magic &behaviors #

These behavior &tag codes are used when configuring specific keys on the keyboard. They determine the behavior of the key when pressed, held, double-tapped, etc...

&ht_{hp,bl,tp} hold tap #

When held, trigger one key. When tapped, trigger another. Comes in different "flavors" depending on which key should take precedence in different situations.


&ht_hp LSHIFT F

&mt modifier tap #

When held, becomes a modifier. When tapped, sends a keypress. This is just &ht_hp with tapping-term-ms of 200.


layers #


&mo momentary layer #

Move to the target layer only while the layer key is pressed.


&lt layer tap #

Move to the target layer while held, press another key when tapped.


&to to layer #

Enable layer and disable all other layers while held.

&to 3

&tog toggle layer #

Toggle a layer until the key is pressed again.

&tog MAGIC