docker compose

2022-03-25 ยท 1 min read


What #

Compose multiple Docker containers.

  • Tool for defining and running multi-container Docker apps and services.
  • Declarative YAML file describes all services, what stuff they expose, and which services they connect to.
  • Manage full lifecycle of application (1) start, stop, rebuild, (2) view status, (3) stream logs, (4) run ad-hoc commands.

Use Cases #

  • Local dev environment. If you have a big complex microservice app, you can describe it with docker compose and run it locally.
  • Automated CI/CD test suite. Easily spin up your application, run integration tests, and spin down in an isolated CI-friendly environment.
  • Single host deployment. First two are primary use cases, but docker compose also supports production single-host deployments.