lightning rod

2021-12-12 · 1 min read

TODO, looks like some way to do offline payments via a trustless intermediary who will hold onto some state.

Carl: What ended up happening to the LR offline? Roy (Breez): Didn't end up implementing it then b/c there's a limit to the number of HTLCs you can hodl, and in some nodes the limit is very low. There are other issues, like mobile notifications are not very reliable and if the payer doesn't connect afterwards it leads to channel being closed. All these can be mitigated, so it's possible we'll revisit now the network is a bit more stable.

Carl: Signal is a VoIP app. Carl: VoIP applications have special privilege in iOS-land, so they can run a snippet of code upon notification Philip: hmm so on iOS you can send a notification, which would trigger the Signal app to like check their channels or receive an async payment? Carl: yes I think so