lightning network notes

2022-03-17 ยท 1 min read

HTLCs must clear quickly #

  • HTLCs should clear quickly (like at most 30sec)
  • Each pending HTLC adds an extra txout to your (refund?) tx, which costs you on-chain fees if you have to revoke.
  • Good quality nodes should almost never (?) hold HTLCs for a long time.
  • Rustie proposal (offhand comment from Tadje circa 2019) means nodes will try to ascribe blame if an HTLC doesn't clear quickly.
    • If the path looks like A -> B -> C, and A sees HTLC pass some timeout, A will request proof (proof that B closed channel B <-> C with pending HTLC containing image of R) from B that he has also punished C for not publishing R (preimage) or A will punish B (by closing their channel A <-> B).